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Packaging a stack locally using CI scripts

The easiest way to package a single stack is to use the Appsody CLI, however, you can use CI scripts if you want to package multiple stacks.

To package a stack using CI scripts, clone or copy the appsody/stacks Git repository. Then, from the base directory, run the build script and specify the desired stack as a parameter, for example:

./ci/build.sh incubator/<stack-id>

If a stack is not specified, all stacks in all repositories are built.

Using your packaged stack

  1. A local repository based on the stack, or stacks, built is added to the repository list. To see this repository, which is named <repo>-index-local, run:

    appsody repo list
  2. Check the built stack has been added in that repository by running:

    appsody list <repo>-index-local

    Here is an example of the output you should get:

    REPO                    ID              VERSION     TEMPLATES           DESCRIPTION
    incubator-index-local   <stack-id>      <version>   *<template>         <stack-description>
  3. Set an environment variable to configure Appsody to use locally created images:

  4. Create a directory to initialize your project in, for example:

    mkdir my-project
  5. Navigate to the directory of your new project, for example:

    cd my-project
  6. Use the Appsody CLI to create new projects using the packaged stack:

    appsody init <repo>-index-local/<stack-id>

Next steps

After you create, or update a stack, the next consideration is to test the stack to check that it meets your needs. For more information, see Testing Stacks.